Mural route

“Memòria e Identidade”

The black and white muralism of Urzulei and the old town photos are portrayed on the houses’ walls by the hand of the greatest muralists of the island.

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Urzulei is embellished with


The mural itinerary “Memòria e Identidade” (Memory and Identity) was born in 2003 on the initiative and under the artistic direction of the cultural association “Sòciu po su jocu de sa murra”.

This art project consistently follows a few rules:

1. reproduction without interpretation and as faithfully as possible;

2. in black and white only;

3. photos depicting people or scenes related to the history and culture of the community.

Opinions on our iconic Murals

i due pastori murales home

“The Murals reproduce ancient black and white photos of people and scenes related to the history of Urzulei, beautiful!”


“The effect one has when walking along the streets of the historic center of the town is decidedly suggestive.”


“The reproductions of some of the photos taken in the 1930s are particularly beautiful.”


The history of Urzulei through the works portrayed on the walls of the houses by the hand of the greatest muralists on the island!